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Bold City Products are products and services that have been developed for individuals or other businesses. At Bold City, we work on these external products for four primary reasons:

  • They allow us to solve problems our existing clients are facing.
  • They allow us to test and experiment marketing techniques on our own products and then roll the successful techniques to our clients.
  • They allow us to expand our skillset with new design or development techniques.
  • They make some money :). That's always a nice bonus.

This page discusses our product, Arrivala. The best review & business reputation marketing service on the market. Learn more below.


Arrivala Review & Reputation Management

Introducing Arrivala. Reviews & Reputation Management.

Collecting online reviews have become an essential component of running a business. In a recent survey by INC., it was found that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as feedback from friends. However, over 90% of online review profiles contain less than 5 reviews. As a business owner, it's difficult to find the time to collect reviews for a half-dozen or more online business profiles. Even more so, how do you limit and prevent the negative reviews from harming your reputation? Arrivala solves this problem by automating the review collection process and filtering negative reviews to preserve your business reputation.

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