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Bold City Products are products and services that have been developed for individuals or other businesses. At Bold City, we work on these external products for four primary reasons:

  • They allow us to solve problems our existing clients are facing.
  • They allow us to test and experiment marketing techniques on our own products and then roll the successful techniques to our clients.
  • They allow us to expand our skillset with new design or development techniques.
  • They make some money :). That's always a nice bonus.

This page discusses our product, DolfinPack. The extreme sports hydration pack. Learn more below.


DolfinPack – Hydration Packs - Featured Image

Introducing DolfinPack. Lightweight, minimalistic hydration pack.

DolfinPack was the first and only (currently) physical deliverable product that we've taken on. DolfinPack was a collaboration between the owner of Bold City Agency and a his co-founder. DolfinPack has been a tremendous success and has given Bold City a lot of insight into how we help our e-commerce customers. Not only do we understand the design, development, and marketing aspects of a physical product company but we also have insight into shipping, payment processing, product manufacturing, importing, and everything that goes along with starting a new e-commerce business. This includes significant marketing experience with Amazon, Walmart, The Grommet, and other major e-commerce distributors where DolfinPack has been sold.

Learn More At dolfinpack.com

Interested in learning more about DolfinPack?

Checkout the website and purchase your very own hydration pack! Use the coupon code 'TAKE15OFF' to get 15% off your order!

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