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Bold City Products are products and services that have been developed for individuals or other businesses. At Bold City, we work on these external products for four primary reasons:

  • They allow us to solve problems our existing clients are facing.
  • They allow us to test and experiment marketing techniques on our own products and then roll the successful techniques to our clients.
  • They allow us to expand our skillset with new design or development techniques.
  • They make some money :). That's always a nice bonus.

This page discusses our product, Boatzo. A blogging system built for boating. Learn more below.


Boatzo – Blogging Built For Boating - Featured Image

Introducing Boatzo. Blogging built for boating.

Boatzo was created as a blogging platform for live-aboard boaters. Boaters require a unique type of service from your typical blog. They want to quickly share updated location information with often limited wireless access. They want to integrate their Instagram feed, many want to collection donations for their content. It's a specific criteria that was not being accomplished by the general DIY website companies. Bold City noticed this opportunity and saw it is a positive relationship with our Dock Skipper platform. Boatzo was born as a blogging platform for boaters.

Learn More At boatzo.com

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